Our Services

Turnkey Surveillance Solutions

From design & installation to monitoring, ARGUS AT offers best-in-class security through integrated technology.


Our expert team will engineer a surveillance solution that suits your specifications and location.


Our installation team will install and network your entire system to optimize performance & energy-savings.


Our team will perform maintenance of your system, as well as provide 24/7 monitoring services if elected.

Custom Solutions

Superior Surveillance & Savings

ARGUS AT Security Platforms combine lighting, surveillance, and communication in one simple, low-cost, fully integrated system. Unlike traditional outdoor surveillance systems, our solutions incorporate LED lighting, megapixel IP surveillance, multi-day media storage, and secure wireless communications—in a single solution.

These purpose-built platforms transform passive surveillance into Active Deterrence™ to help you prevent and deter crime instead of just watching or recording it while it occurs.

ARGUS AT Security Platforms™ are currently used in over 2,600 deployments and more than a hundred applications worldwide, including parking lots and campuses, public transit systems and walkways, or to protect critical infrastructure, government agencies, or any area where outdoor security is a must.

Our services include:

  • Installation of security systems;
  • Installation of lighting and electronic surveillance devices;
  • Installation of telecommunications hardware;
  • Installation of hardware and peripherals to lighting and electronic surveillance devices;
  • Telecommunication services providing access to pictures, video, audio, weather, security events, alarm status and other informational, safety and security information at a remote station;
  • Telecommunication services providing electronic messages and information notifying individuals of a changed status or condition of a sensing device in a security system. For example, ARGUS ALERT for end user iPhone or Android phone app to report a problem and a virtual
  • EscortMe services, and the associated monitoring software that integrates into security systems;
  • Monitoring of security systems used in police and civil protection services;
  • Security services providing a website and/or software for notifying individuals of a changed status and/or condition of a sensing device in a security system; and video monitoring of facilities, viewable through a global computer network for safety purposes

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